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tv   [untitled]    January 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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consider that. thank you. >>i couldn't sit in the overflee without coming to support my former boss that i interned for these past couple summers in london breed. she has been very close to me and my family and just being an aspiring leader in san francisco i pretty much look behind a whole lot of leaders in this city but none other more than my chief, london breed, who came from the projects, like me. and, you know, she's a constant reminder to me that this hall isn't too far from where i was raised and i am honored to sit here and support you in becoming the next president of the board of supervisors.
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>>members, my name is tom tim i'm wasn't of the members of the harvey milk lgtb. i would like to lend my support to supervisor david campos for president. you know harvey milk, 40 years ago worked hard to create -- to make san francisco a beacon of hope for lgtb people not only for around the country but around the world but to me supervisor campos, his story of coming here as an undocumented immigrant and today sitting before you as san francisco legislative body speaks to how strong that hope was. again you have two fantastic
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choices, but i would like to stand in support of supervisor campos today. >>thank you. and before the next speaker comes up i just want to call a few names from speaker cards i have. if they can please line up, rudolfo, jeanne stone and of course anyone who's in the overflow room please make you ware to the chamber. >>hello my name is henny kelly and i'd like to say oh what a choice you have. two magnificent people. i am speaking for david campos. i am speaking for david campos because i have worked with him on the democratic county central committee. i have worked with him as a teacher. i have learned from him as a student. he is a mentor.
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you cannot choose anybody that is better than he. and yet you have another choice who's wonderful too. but david has given me his compassion for people his love for all people, his integrity and his honesty. and i thank him for that and i stay for him because of that. thank you so much david campos you're my guy. >>good afternoon, my name is kimmerly ellis i'm executive director of emerge, california. i am here today in my personal capacity to voice my support for london breed for the president.
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i have known her for several years now and have always known her to be someone who is first and foremost about the community. she is smart, she is intelligent, she is thoughtful and she has always led with her head but also with her heart. and in this day in the age when a large percentage of our political leaders are chiefly concerned with money and power and themselves, we have in london someone who is chiefly concerned with the betterment of the community. she is someone who is of the people by the people and for the people. london breed is the future. she is exactly what this city and what this boards needs in a leader. she is dynamic, the future and the board would be very well suited to have her at the elmhelm. thank you and go london.
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>>i wasn't going to speak for london breed but i do want to point out being a western edition resident that she has worked very hard for that district but at the same time she doesn't just take the district into consideration as others have pointed out. she's definitely a unifier and considers the city as a whole so in that stead i would ask you to vote for her. aside from that i wish i had been able to speak about this other subject later rather than right now during this supervisor's election. as home sharers my wife and i were very excited to have the opportunity to register and become legal as home sharers. . now i read that after two years of batting around the home sharing legislation and having approved it that there's a
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supervisor again attempting to relegislate what was already approved. in a negative way it reminds me of a children's soccer game when the last goal is being contested by the losing coach when the winning team's captain has left the field. as approved, the legislation for home sharing is good. let's move on. i wish to be legal. thank you. >>my name is jeanne stone and i'm also a home sharer who owns two rooms in the area where i live. this new legislation is crucial to weed out the bad actors who are taking housing off the rental market. we support it.
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regarding the back taxes it is practically impossible for all websites to comply. so making new law contingent on all websites paying back taxes is cynical and deceptive guarantee that the new law never comes into effect. campos' proposal to change the law so the city treasurer will be required to publicly disclose the tax information of private companies sets a dangerous precedent, one that ignores the privacy rights under law. supervisor campos does not like to lose a battle. this is political theater and what's at stake is the livelihood of thousands of san francisco citizens who are simply sharing rooms in their own home. i ask the board of supervisors to not revisit this issue. supervisor campos offered a similar amendment during the board of supervisors hearings in october and was voted down. i ask that you please not
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postpone this legislation so that on february 1 i can properly register and be in compliance with the short term rental law that this body regulated. thank you. >>my name is karen and i won't reiterate what the two previous speakers said. all i can add is we worked very hard didn't always agree with the legislation that ended up but we're very satisfied. we will comply we hope to do our best and i hope that the current board will be reasonable will think it through and know that i'm doing what was already set up. it needs a good try. it's just not going to work if we don't give it a try the way it is now.
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thank you. >>good afternoon my name is christina, and i'm here to support london breed for president. as a fellow emerged sister she has been a leader and role model to me and i know many women across the city. her diversity and add vo say to the community is exactly what san francisco needs and she would be a wonderful representative so i wholeheartedly support london breed. thank you. >>thank you, next speaker please. >>my name is alex coo. i came to this country in 1964. i've been in this country for 50 years. i'm chinese. and i like san francisco. i went to new york and stayed there for ten years and then i came to san francisco in 1971 and then i like san francisco and i would like london breed as our next president of the board.
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she's fair nice and she works hard and fair for all the people, not just for one group of people. the chinese people like me would like to support london breed as next president of the board. >>next speaker please. >>hello my name's patrick connors and i'm here to speak on behalf of the nomination of david campos for the president of board of supervisors. i spent the last year getting to know supervisor campos during his campaign for the california legislature and during that year i was impressed with his ability to think on his feet, to be compassionate and calm in the face of some great and
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unwarranted criticism. he has served on this board for a number of years now and i think has proven his ability to offer his talents. which are many to this board, in a time when they're needed. also, he has shown that he is able and willing to take on some unpopular or difficult positions, which is something we need in the city, instead of just advocating to financial interests, people that are seeking to increase their own financial wealth and/or position in the city government. it would be good to see president of the board of supervisors who can stand up and collect taxes from companies
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that are valued at billions and billions of dollars, money that is owed to this city and should be paid like anyone pays taxes. i think that is a brave position to take. he's also been a very staunch advocate for lgbt issues. just in the last year -- thank you. support david campos and thank you mr. campos for everything you've done. >>thank you. an again if anyone would like to speak during general public comment, please line up. if you're in the overflow room please make your way to the board chamber. thank you. next speaker please. >>my name is mark with the san francisco taxi workers alliance and i came here to speak on another topic. i don't mean to crash the party on the board elections but this is something of immense importance to thousands of low income san francisco workers that is to say the taxi drivers
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of san francisco. the the ride services like uber and lift have having a devastating impact on taxi drivers and the taxi industry. many cab drivers are not making the minimum wage they're coming back from their shifts having less money in their pockets than they started. they're leaving the industry in groves. this is a city that cares deeply about low income workers but is not doing anything about this. the cpuc has created this disaster. that i have won't fix it. you read about what's going on there another report just made the news today. it's time for the city to step in. taxi driver's alliance have issued a white paper explaining why san francisco can and must regulate companies like uber and lift and bring greater enforcements of the laws their drivers are violating.
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the city has vital interest at stake. besides the plight of cab drivers in the taxi industry, the safety of the public service to the community and protection to the firemen. former mayor brown had some interesting comments in the chronicle last sunday. one thing that might be done but other things must be done as well. taxis perform an essential city service and these other companies cannot do that. the city has the power to pull us out of this. i have copies of this white paper for each of you. you'll find the [inaudible] offered by attorney chris dollman and i'd like to offer these copies to the board. >>thank you. thank you very much. >>yes the deputy will come pick it up from your, mr. mr. gruber.
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>>anyone else who wish to speak on public comment please come forward, otherwise we will close public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. madam clerk. >>the names of the supervisors nominated for the board of supervisors president, supervisor breeds and supervisor campos. each supervisor will name their preference. i'll start at the top of the alphabet. supervisor avalos. >>campos. >>avalos for campos. supervisor breed. >>breed for breed. >>breed for breed. [applause] >>supervisor campos. >>campos for campos. >>campos for campos. supervisor christensen. >>breed. >>christensen for breeds.
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>>supervisor cohen. >>breed. >>supervisor farrell. >>breed. . >>farrell for breed. kim. >>campos. >>kim for campos. mar. >>breed. >>breed. >>supervisor tang. >>breed. >>wiener. >>breed. >>yee. >>breed. >>campos has three votes, supervisor breed has eight votes. congratulations, president breed. [applause]
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>>ladies and gentlemen i'd like to announce to you our new board president, supervisor london breed. [applause] >>thanks. before -- i'm sorry, it has my name on the roster and before that i want to make a motion to rescind the vote. >>supervisor kim the election was held. my apologies for not seeing your name on the roster. >>thank you, everybody. i am so truly honored excited, humbled and i just want to start by thanking supervisor tang for her service. she has been an outstanding
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fair, amazing president and an amazing supervisor to work with so on behalf of the san francisco board of supervisors supervisor tang, we honor you for your service to the city and county of san francisco. thank you. [applause] to my colleagues i can't thank you enough. we have, over the years that i have been on this board of supervisors we have had awed differences, but what i appreciate most is each and every one of you is passionate about what you believe in you're passionate about our city. we may have a different way of which we go about doing business, but ultimately i appreciate your support, appreciate our working relationship and i look forward
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to working together on this board with each and every one of us to serve this amazing city and county of san francisco and i'm humbled like i said. i'm excited, i'm proud and i'm truly looking forward to honor. i definitely will be making some additional comments later, but today is the day that i want to recognize the people who have just, within the last year running for office. running for office, people who are reelected, congratulations, and i'm so glad that you're back here in city hall so that we can continue the work that many of you started before your campaign. to supervisor christensen, i'm totally looking forward to working with you. i'm very excited about the work you've done in your community, and the work you will do for your community here on the board
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of supervisors. so with that i want to begin the process of introducing each member of the board of supervisors so that they have an opportunity to make remarks to have an opportunity to introduce their family and friend who are here to support them today. we're going to start with supervisor cohen. [applause] >>all right, thank you very much. congratulations madam president. [applause] good afternoon everyone. as you heard, my name is malia cohen and i was reelected in this last election cycle. it is a privilege to stand before you and serve san francisco as a member of the board of supervisors representing the southeastern neighborhoods of bay view hunters point dog patch
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visitation valley. i want to first take a moment to recognize my colleagues, those that are reelected, congratulations, it was a pleasure to share and opportunity and take the oath with you. i also want to recognize the colleagues who provided support, thank you. and i want to also recognize colleagues that taught me forgiveness, thank you. i want to take a moment and i want to recognize my mother and my father. ladies and gentlemen where would we be without our mothers and our fathers, right? [applause] my mother and father grew up here in san francisco. it's a privilege to be your eldest daughter.
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i have four younger sisters and my youngest sister is here with me as well to witness this. i have a whole host of friend and family that have joined us in this chamber today people that have traveled, people in the office behind the chamber walls. i just want to take a moment and say thank you very much. i appreciate your love and support. i also want to give a moment and recognize my fiance, warn pully. [applause] it has been an incredible four years and i appreciate my friend and my families for being with me as i walk along this journey to continue my calling in life, which is to serve san francisco. i also want to recognize one of my political mentors, fiona mah.
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she's been incredible helped me along the way and has been instrumental since day one. thank you very much for being here. [applause] earlier in the remarks you heard by way of introduction the distinguished department heads that have all left now, as you can see. monique moyer is still here back from the port. but without the help and the support of their staff, as well as their expertise would make being a member of the board extremely difficult and i want to take a moment to recognize staff persons that i have grown to admire and respect. there are department heads i work overtime with and i want to acknowledge director of dpw and this is the man that can clean up anything. if you don't know him you must
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know him. he is just incredible. i don't say that to leave the rest of you behind but when you need your garbage picked up what can i say. i want to recognize the close relationship i have in working with mta as we continue to grow on the southeastern sector of san francisco. transportation is absolutely critical. i also need to give thanks to the men and women in labor. you heard a few of the voices from police and fire but we also need to uplift the teachers. i'm a product of public schools and if it were not for the teachers we would have a truly lost generation. with that said i want to recognize the newly elected members to the school district. congratulations to those members, it's good to see you
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all here today. i want to give a moment to respect, not only the teachers, but the building and construction and trades, as well as the labor councils and alliance for jobs for their leaderships and dedication to men and women in labor. and the countless people who stand with you when you're running for office. these are resident who is come from every corner of district ten. they rolled up their sleeves knocked on doors and i can't begin to name all of them here today, but i want to take a moment to uplift a few. pete and philly strain, fran martin dewayne jones and i have a fantastic support in dog patch. i also need to recognize patrero hill. we have an interesting
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relationship over the last four years and i can imagine it will continue to be interesting, but there is a group of leaders that are phenomenal and i want to recognize kepa and patricia allen who has been so gracious and then the beloved bay view community. that's not where the list end, because there's also the faith community. the faith community that stand with me in community and prayer. i want to recognize reverend brown. and pastor walker is not able to join us here today but that faith community is incredible. it's important to recognize that it's more than just the christian faith, but the interfaith. particularly when we pay attention to the things happening around this world we as a faith community must
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continue to band together. you would be nowhere without campaign staff. i want to recognize my campaign manager jessica love joy. thank you very much jessica, i know you're here. thank you for your work. these are two very special people they sung frozen theme song with my 5-year-old niece so many times, they played beauty shop in the campaign office and knocked on doors and turned out voters. to my colleagues supervisors breed, wiener, tang farrell former supervisor chiu, mar and yee as well as mayor lee, thank you for your unwavering support. i am touched by your friendship and kindness and leadership. and it's been an honor to work with all the aforementioned folks. though we don't always agree, we can agree to disagree in a very
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civil manner and understand that it is this disagreement that good legislation continues to be produced from this body. and i'm looking forward to working and building bridges with folks that are here on this body. i want to take a moment to reflect on the many difficulties we are facing here in our city and what we face as a community. my thoughts begin to turn to those who have preceded myself and what -- and acknowledging what they have accomplished. i'd like to recognize former supervisor willy b kennedy as many of you know has passed away a few years ago. she stood in this chamber and it's on her shoulders that supervisor breeds and i stand on. also want to recognize my immediate predecessor sophie maxwell who has been an incredible woman silent strong
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and encouraging every step of the way. also want to recognize supervisor doris ward who has been a matriarch and impeccable when it comes to providing leadership and guidance and a steady motherly hand to help me as i begin to navigate my career. you know, during the campaign you have the opportunity to really begin to reflect on many things and the best part about running for reelection is you get to revisit all 52 precincts that make up district ten and i have had the wonderful to reconnect with a lot of con stitch constituents that i have don't always get to hear from. . it's very humbling to look in the eyes of folks in need and i want to recognize my friend in the office now from hunters view
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who worked with me tirelyilessly to make sure phase one was and with that said we are going to rebuild all of public housing in the city and county of san francisco all of it. [applause] and in order to do this moving forward it's going to take efforts not just of one person or one supervisor but we are required the efforts of everyone working together for a common goal. so as i embark on my second term as supervisor i have a great deal of optimism on what we can achieve. i mean we just elected an african american woman as president of the board of supervisors. that is phenomenal. [applause] and when people think they're down and out i think there's always a beacon of hope. i think it was harvey milk tha


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